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WoW Mage Class

wow mageThe Mage, sometimes referred to as one of the “squishy” classes, but I bet you wouldn’t say that if you met one on a moonless night in Darkshire.

What can you do with a cloth wearing character that refuses point blank to wear anything made of leather, that doesn’t wear armour and initially throws fire bolts which, to be honest would have trouble standing up against a medium sized candle?

Well let me answer that particular question …  You would play that character to the best of your ability; for in just a few short levels the mage’s power will increase to become one of the most supportive of the classes.  A Mage is the only class that can transport you and your party to the other side of Azeroth with just a wave of the hand.

A Mage can and will deal death blows using Arcane damage, Frost damage and Fire damage.  A mage will make blizzards out of sunny days and boil you alive in the coldness of Northrend.

Mages can specialize in one of three talents at the lower levels and then are able to “Dual Spec” at higher levels; these talents are:-


  1. Frost damage where, just by specializing you could increase the damage of frost spells by as much as twenty five percent with additional percentages on your frost bolts
  2. Fire damage, where you would add the twenty five percent damage to all your fire spells
  3. Arcane damage where you would get a bonus of twenty five percent on all your arcane spells


But what of the Mages transportation abilities?


The Mage is the ONLY class that can take you and your party to any of the major cities of your faction in Azeroth  It may take up to level 71 before you can transport to Dalaran. But most are available long before level 71.


Whether you are dealing damage or making spells you will be admired by the other classes. Most groups or raiding parties will have at least one Mage in their ranks and with the area of effect spells that a Mage can cast, you will be an awesome character among your piers.


warld of warcraft mageDifferent races have distinguishable traits


  1. Human Mages have  Increased Spirit; Bonus to reputation skills; Increased expertise with swords; Can breakout of speed altering and trapping effects


  1. Dwarf Mages  may take on a stone form; increased critical chance with Guns; Resistant to Frost Damage; Find additional Archaeology fragments and survey faster; increased expertise with maces


  1. Night Elf Mages may fade into the shadows; are more difficult to hit; have wisp form while dead for faster movement; resistant to nature damage; can move faster while in stealth mode



  1. The Gnome Mage; may escape speed altering effects; increased mana pool; resistant to Arcane damage; engineering skill increased; increased expertise with daggers and small swords


  1. Draenei Mages have Jewel crafting skill increased; may heal self or others over time; chance to hit with melee and spells are increased; resistant to shadow damage


  1. Worgen Mages can periodically move quickly; critical chance increased; resistant to Nature and Shadow damage; Skinning skill and speed increased


  1. Orc Mage’s may enrage to increase damage; resistant to stun effects; damage done by pets increased; increased expertise with Axes and fist weapons


  1. Undead Mage’s can remove fear, sleep and charm; may consume corpses to regain health and mana; underwater breathing increased; resistant to shadow damage.


  1. Wow Gnome MageTroll Mage’s can go berserk, increasing attack and casting speed; regeneration increased; damage increased versus beasts; increased critical chance with throwing weapons and bows; reduced duration of movement impairing effects.


  1. Blood Elf Mage’s have their enchanting skill increased, can restore resources such as mana or energy; may silence nearby opponents, and are resistant to Arcane damage.


  1. Goblin Mage’s can rocket jump forward, can launch rockets at enemies, receives vendor discounts, can periodically summon a personal bank and have haste increased. They also have Alchemy skill and potion healing increased


So if you find a Mage of any faction or any race at any level is heading towards you in anger, I suggest you RUN